How Wide Format Printers Support Educators

Male teacher handing out paper to young student in classroom.

The educational world is full of some of the brightest minds the world has to offer. Teachers and other educators can't just know something--they also need the confidence and communication skills to explain that thing to learning minds. Luckily, with tools like wide format printers, that job is a little bit easier.


Can Your Copiers Do These 5 Tricks?

Business woman smiling while holding stack of papers in front of copier machine

Today's copiers are smarter than ever. They're fast, flexible, versatile, and, of course, full of the latest technology. However, believe it or not, your copiers might be even more powerful than you realized. Here's what you need to know!


Your Multifunction Printer's Best Friend

Group of employees discussing work around office table.

You may like to think of yourself or your company as your multifunction printer's best friend. After all, you take care of it, give it plenty to do, rely on it through good times and bad--and, of course, you fix any paper jams that might come up. However, the truth is that your multifunction printer is waiting for its perfect match--and that may not be what you expect.


Managed Print Services: Why Perform Print Audits?


For most companies, the word "audit" doesn't have particularly positive connotations. That's why a print audit is often met with hesitation, uncertainty, or downright reluctance. However, a print audit isn't your average audit--and here's why.


What Can Wide Format Printers Do For You?


Some business solutions are more like relationships than inanimate tools; you get out what you put in--and the results can look wildly different depending on what you want. Believe it or not, that's exactly what you can expect from wide format printers. Here's a closer look!


4 Signs it's Time for New Copiers


It's not always easy to say goodbye to office equipment like copiers. After all, these machines have been with you through so much--not to mention, you may not be ready to pay for new machines. However, sometimes upgrades are necessary--and here are three signs that you've arrived at this point.


Can a Multifunction Printer Help Your Business?

Woman employee smiling and sitting on chair at office desk.

It seems strange to think that something as simple and humble as a printer could make a huge difference in your business. However, the truth is that multifunction printers aren't your average printers. Here's what you need to know about these powerful machines--and how they can help your company succeed.


Managed Print Services vs. The Other Guys

To really see the benefits of a solution, you sometimes need to put it head-to-head with its competitors. That's why we've created the print solution grudge-match of a lifetime: managed print services vs. retailers vs. print shops. Let's see who emerges victorious!


Falling in Love with Wide Format Printers

Two woman employees using wide format printer in office.

It's not every day that you fall in love with a business solution--but wide format printers might be the exception. Versatile, creative, and flexible, these machines can do a bit of everything--which makes them a huge advantage for companies of all shapes and sizes.


Before You Buy Copiers

A group of business employees standing around office copier talking.

Are you ready to add new copiers to your fleet? Don't go for your wallet just yet--there are a few important things to ask before agreeing to anything. Here are the questions you'll want to have up your sleeve!

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