3 Bad Copier Habits (and How to Break Them)


How much do you pay attention to your copier habits? The truth is that the things you do every day might be making life difficult for your loyal copiers--which means trouble somewhere down the line. Here are a few lousy copier habits and how to turn them around!

Mindful Copies, Happy Copiers

You've heard about being mindful in what you say, what you buy, and even how you eat--but have you heard about mindful copying? The truth is that a little consideration goes a long way when it comes to your copiers. In fact, just recognizing and breaking a few bad copier habits can make a huge difference--not only to your machines' longevity but also to their reliability and efficiency.

Ready to get started? Here are three lousy copier habits to watch out for!

Habit #1: Forgetting the settings

Copiers come with default settings that are supposed to make your life easier. However, in some instances, those settings might be working against you. If you're in the habit of ignoring your copier's settings, take a minute to change them, such as copying in black and white instead of color, or using both sides of every sheet.

Habit #2: Making copying too easy

It's a natural instinct to put copiers where they are readily accessible, but it turns out that this habit can cost you. By putting copiers somewhere less convenient, you encourage employees to use digital tools and solutions instead of defaulting to the copy machine--which is good news for your budget and the environment.

Habit #3: Storing paper long-term

If you hoard paper, you're setting yourself up for failure. It turns out that paper stored for long periods of time is more likely to be damaged, wrinkled, or otherwise ruined so that it causes paper jams and copy errors in your machine. Be careful about what you store!

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