3 Ways to Avoid an MFP-Related Security Breach

printer security

Your multifunction printers connect you to internal document management systems, on-site and remote employees, and business contacts outside of your organization. Here's how to mitigate your company's risk of an unexpected MFP-related data breach.

Adopt a Company-Wide Print Policy

Employees can create security issues simply because they're unaware of the implications caused by certain behaviors. An organization-wide print policy can outline your expectations and also inform employees of potential repercussions for ignoring best practices. Schedule regular training sessions to make sure everyone in your organization knows how to keep security top of mind when using your multifunction printers.

Restrict Access to Your Systems

Your print environment could give hackers access to your network, and weak links like unsecured multifunction printers and laser printers could provide the open door. Restricting access to your multifunction printers—including internal access by unauthorized employees—helps you maintain control over sensitive documents.

  • Locate multifunction printers used to print highly sensitive documents in restricted areas away from public access.
  • Use password protections, PIN codes, or ID card solutions as easy fixes for keeping unauthorized personnel from gaining access to your multifunction printers.
  • Encrypt stored data and data in motion, making it useless to anyone with malicious intent.

Safely Remove Equipment from Your Location

When you're ready for an upgrade, removing a multifunction printer from your office is a lot more complicated than removing an old desk. Your multifunction printers may store everything from company contact lists and HR documents to confidential client information. When obtaining new equipment, verify with your technology provider that they've removed all stored data from the old device hard drive and onboard memory systems. A printer that's been wiped clean is safe to remove from your office, but one that still contains information holds the potential for a security breach.

For help making your office free from copier and printer-related security issues, contact us at Copynet today!

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