4 Signs it's Time for New Copiers


It's not always easy to say goodbye to office equipment like copiers. After all, these machines have been with you through so much--not to mention, you may not be ready to pay for new machines. However, sometimes upgrades are necessary--and here are three signs that you've arrived at this point.

When Copiers Need to Go

If your office copiers have long been a powerful, efficient part of your workflow, you may not realize if they're starting to fail. Similarly, little issues and frustrations are easy to overlook when the alternative is a pricey upgrade.

The truth, though, is that failing copiers will start to eat up your budget overtime--not to mention the morale of your teams. Here are a few signs that it's time for new copiers:

  • You hate them.

This one's pretty simple: If you hate your copiers, they're probably doing more harm than you realize. Ideally, copiers should blend into the background, providing the tools and solutions you need without demanding too much attention--so if there's bad blood between you and your machines, it's time for an upgrade.

  • You pay a lot for supplies.

Toner and supplies may become more difficult to find as your machine gets older. Similarly, aging copiers aren't as efficient as newer models, which means they'll burn through supplies at a faster rate. Upgraded machines don't have this problem--so you'll save money in the long run.

  • Repairs are constant.

If you're repairing your copiers almost as often as you actually copy, that's a big red flag. Constant repairs are a sign that your machine is on its last legs, and you should upgrade before you're left completely without copiers.

  • You daydream about new copiers.

Copiers really shouldn't be the stars of your daydreams about business success. If you find yourself wishing for all the latest bells and whistles, it's probably time to say goodbye to your old machines.


You may not always know when it's time to say goodbye to your copiers--but if any of these signs sound too familiar, you have your answer. Just remember that copiers are meant to make your work life easier, not more difficult--so if they're doing more of the latter than the former, it's time for a new machine.

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