4 Steps to Maintain Your Copiers

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Wondering how to keep your copiers strong and reliable for years to come? Trying to create a copier maintenance plan but aren't sure where to start? Worry no more--today, we're here with a few simple steps to help you keep your copiers healthy, happy, and hardworking.

How to Maintain Copiers

Office copiers don't need constant attention, which is what makes them a valuable part of any workflow--but they do need occasional TLC. Here are a few ways you can protect your investment and keep copiers working efficiently for years to come.

Step 1: Think outside the box.

Copier problems aren't always cut and dry, so your maintenance approach shouldn't be, either. Think outside the box when coming up with ways to protect your machine--for example, placing it in a safe area in your office or putting down a rubber mat to limit interference from static electricity.

Step 2: Make a plan.

A little bit of regular maintenance goes a long way. To keep yourself on track, schedule "copier care days" so that everyone knows ahead of time that the copier may be out of service for a few minutes while it's being maintained.

Step 3: Pay attention to consumables.

Different makes and models need different types of ink and toner. Pay attention to the consumables you purchase and use, and make sure to check levels weekly to avoid putting undue stress on your machines.

Step 4: Keep it clean.

Cleaning your copiers is simple and effective. Use the proper cleaner for each part--glass cleaner for the glass and so on--and eliminate any dust or debris that could be interrupting your machine's work.


Regular maintenance keeps copiers working hard and performing properly. It's not difficult to maintain your machines--just set a schedule, make a plan, and get creative with your approach to make sure everything is clean, safe, and reliable. Your copiers will thank you!

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