5 Reasons to Add Laser Printers to Your Print Environment

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You need reliable and economical equipment to meet your company's document printing requirements. A multifunction copier or printer provides one-stop copy, print, scan, and fax solutions and is a solid choice for increasing workplace productivity. For many offices, laser printers are a perfect complement to the multifunction printer, offering a variety of features designed to speed up and streamline the entire printing process.

Inkjet or Laser?

It's not unusual to find desktop inkjet printers scattered throughout the typical office. Often they are purchased as a quick solution for a new office space or to provide a buffer when the office copier is undergoing maintenance. Whatever the reason, these consumer-grade units shouldn't be considered a permanent solution because of their relatively high cost of operation, slow output speeds, and overall unreliability. For these and other compelling reasons, laser printers are the recommended choice for daily office use. Here's a look at some of the benefits.

  1. Laser printers stand up to rigorous usage, offering fast print speeds and monthly duty cycles to match your speed and volume requirements.
  2. For offices with mobile printing requirements, laser printers give employees the option to print directly from tablets and mobile phones.
  3. Paper and toner-saving features help reduce printing costs. Look for laser printers with automatic duplexing, pull printing, and solutions to reduce toner consumption.
  4. Secure printing solutions are a necessary part of today's office environment. Sophisticated laser printers provide options to eliminate the print security lapses that frequently plague the print environment.
  5. Energy-saving features can help reduce your company's environmental impact. From lower power consumption to green manufacturing processes, state-of-the-art laser printers can help companies meet their ongoing sustainability goals.

Is your print environment helping to increase productivity and lower costs in your organization? Contact Copynet to find out more today!

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