5 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Laser Printers

time to update

Has it been several years since you added new laser printers to your office? It may seem like you just finished making your selection, but if it's been five years or more, your printers and copiers are likely out of date and unable to provide you with critical productivity and security features.

Here's how to determine whether it's time for an upgrade.

1. Your Printers Can't Keep Up with Demand

If your business has experienced growth, you need copying and printing devices that can keep up with your current requirements. Talk with your technology provider to evaluate laser printers with document output speeds, print trays, and monthly duty cycles that are a better fit for your workflows. For help finding out where you stand, schedule a managed print assessment.

2. You're Spending Too Much on Maintenance and Consumables

As your equipment ages, it consumes supplies and parts at a faster rate. The latest laser printers use consumables at lower rates, and new equipment can go longer before it requires maintenance or parts.

3. You Need a Mobile Printing Solution

Can your employees print wirelessly to your laser printers and multifunction copiers? You could see improved productivity across your entire organization with wireless printing from mobile devices and on-device USB ports.

4. Your Printers Lack Green Features

Upgrading your laser printers gives you access to green features that help the environment and save your company money. Features like duplex printing, sleep modes, and sustainable manufacturing processes are just a few.

5. Your Print Environment is a Security Risk

Are your laser printers worth keeping if they're causing security risks? You need real-time security safeguards that protect your data through all touchpoints of the document management process.

Need help making a decision? Contact us at Copynet for assistance selecting the right laser printers for your business requirements.

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