Add Color to Your Workflows with Multifunction Printers!

Explosion of colored powder isolated on black background.

For many businesses, color printing is a luxury. However, with a multifunction printer in your fleet, color is just a click away--and the best news is that it won't break the bank.

Why Color Printing is Worth It

Multifunction printers make color printing affordable, flexible, and even fun. However, some companies still hesitate. After all, color printing hasn't always been good news for your budget.

The truth, though, is that color printing is absolutely worth it--especially when your multifunction printer makes it easy and cost-effective. Here are a few reasons why color is about to become your new best friend:

  • It's refreshing. Tired of printing the same old documents? Your customers--and employees--and probably bored too. Let color printing refresh your work life!

  • It's eye-catching. Marketing material, branded internal communications, and community outreach--these are just three examples of situations where eye-catching color prints can make a world of difference.

  • It's creative. The more your company stands out, the better you'll perform with your target audiences. Multifunction printers make it possible to get creative while saving money, and that's a real win-win.

Choosing Your Printer

Now that you know why color printing is worth it, here are a few tips for getting your hands on a multifunction printer that can make it happen:

Pay attention to efficiency.

Printers that waste ink are not your friend when it comes to color printing. Make sure you choose a multifunction printer that uses consumables efficiently.

Look at the other features.

Color printing is great, but multifunction printers can do a whole lot more. Don't overlook all the other features--like faxing, scanning, and copying.

Do the math.

Multifunction printers are a savvy investment, but some machines are a better fit than others. Do the math to determine the total cost of ownership vs. how much value you can get from the device.

In conclusion, multifunction printers make it possible to add color to your workflows without hurting your budget. To get started, choose a device that is efficient, cost-effective, and the right fit for your needs.

Ready to add some color to your work life? Contact us today for help choosing that perfect multifunction printer!

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