Are Your Copiers Providing an Open Door for Hackers?

entering password on printer

Your business is continuously bombarded with security threats. Attacks on your network and data never let up, and if your copiers are connected wirelessly, you've got one more thing to worry about.

Copier Security Basics

Wireless copiers and laser printers should be treated with the same level of precaution as your computers or mobile devices. Best practices should include password protection, limiting access, and installing updates. Here's a look at the solutions you can deploy to protect your copiers.

Restrict Access

Unprotected copiers and printers are an open door for hackers to enter your network. Once in, they can work undetected to gather information for months without your knowledge. Fortunately, there are best practices you can implement to close those doors.

Strong passwords, login credentials, and print tracking are your first lines of defense, ensuring that only company employees can access your printers and copiers. Usernames, strong passwords, or ID cards that employees swipe to use your copiers are essential to limit access to your equipment.

Perform Regular Updates

Hackers count on you to allow your software and equipment to become outdated. They search for these and other security lapses to exploit, hoping that you'll eventually overlook something important. By prioritizing security for each of your copiers, you can address hardware and software issues before hackers have a chance to take advantage of them.

Implement Managed Print Services

You need confidence in your copiers and printers, and that includes both how well they meet your process requirements and how well they protect your information. Managed print services is a service offering that provides comprehensive oversight of print environments. For your company, the benefits range from lower costs and increased efficiency to a printer fleet that's protected from unauthorized access.

Do you know what's going on in your print environment? For help keeping a tight lid on your copiers and your data, contact us at Copynet today!

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