Are Your Multifunction Printers Secure?

touchscreen on a printer

Does your security plan include protecting your multifunction printers? These sophisticated devices transmit and store information, and they're a part of your network. Neglecting to secure them can put your data at risk, but there are simple solutions available to address the issue. Here's a look at a few you can implement without difficulty.

Access Control

Restricting access to your multifunction printers is essential. Common security protocols include:

  • Pull printing — This solution requires authentication to release print jobs. Users are required to enter a password or swipe an ID card on the device, preventing sensitive documents from releasing before an authorized person is present to collect them.

  • Password access — Most multifunction printers require a password to unlock the touchscreen interface. Be sure to change the default password and require individual user passwords to prevent unauthorized access.

  • Location — Multifunction printers used to print sensitive documents should not be located where unauthorized individuals can gain access.

Data Encryption

Data encryption makes information useless to criminals or someone accessing it by mistake. Data should be encrypted both during transmission and while at rest. Deleting data stored on the multifunction printer's hard drive offers further protection.

Print Tracking

If you're not monitoring your usage, then you've no way to know who's using your multifunction printers and for what purpose. Audit trails can help pin down unauthorized printing or other activities, allowing you to address the security gaps that allowed an outside user into your system in the first place.

Contact Your Provider

Your business needs protection, and that includes your multifunction printers. A managed print services agreement can help you save money, monitor usage, and keep your equipment in top working order.

Are your multifunction printers secure? Not sure? Contact us at Copynet to learn more about print security today.

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