Avoid These Costly Mistakes When Choosing a Printer

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Choosing a printer for your company's office may seem like a straightforward task—head to a local big box office supply store and pick something that fits the budget. You can plug your equipment in an hour later and move on with your day. Unfortunately, the decision to select a printer this way is usually not a good one, and it won't take long to discover why.

Here's What Matters

If you've had a bad experience with a printer or even two, you know that a mistake can lead to a series of frustrating and expensive consequences. Instead of making a quick purchase from an office supply store shelf, here's what we recommend.

  1. Decide between laser and inkjet. More than one small business owner has chosen a desktop inkjet printer for office use and lived to regret the decision. While inkjet printers are often a preferred choice for photos and wide format graphic prints, for business documents, they're not the best choice. Laser printers are faster and can handle larger volumes. They produce sharp text, yield more prints per cartridge than inkjet, and are built for professional office printing requirements. With costs and capabilities factored in, laser printers can be counted on to deliver lower TCO than consumer-grade inkjet printers.
  2. Service is paramount. A consumer-grade printer may be the easy plug-and-play choice, but for business use, you'll need professional service after the sale. A professional office equipment provider can help guide you toward the best laser printers and multifunction copiers for your requirements. From award-winning partnerships and expert service technicians to Managed Print Services solutions, there's a lot to be gained from selecting your laser printers from a professional provider.

Your office processes are only as good as the people, products, and services that move them forward. For single-source support in the Dallas metro area, contact us at Copynet today!

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