Can Copiers Be Marketing Tools?

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Marketing campaigns are often creative, intricate, and full of hard work--but all of that magic has to start somewhere. Read on to find out how office copiers might just be the next big thing for your marketing team!

Creativity at the Copier

Most businesses don't think of their office copiers as tools for creativity. These humble machines are more often viewed as boring, mundane, and even trivial. The truth, though, is that your copiers can make a huge difference in your marketing campaigns--if you know how to put them to work for you, that is.

Let's take a look at a few ways copiers can be marketing tools!

#1: They can mass-produce marketing material.

Don't limit your company's reach by how much it costs to outsource prints. Instead, let your creativity run wild; a good office copier can keep up with high-speed, high-volume prints, allowing you to make marketing material that reaches every corner of your community.

#2: They make you more modern.

Copiers can help you digitize your documents, which keeps you modern--which, in turn, gives your marketing approaches that tech-savvy edge that customers love. You'll benefit from streamlined workflows, more storage space, and stronger security, while customers will see that you've got all the latest tools and you know how to use them.

#3: They make security look easy.

Let's face it: security isn't easy--but your customers don't need to worry about that. Because copiers make security simpler to manage--for example, by offering tools like user authentication that keep sensitive information from being copied and stolen--they give you something to boast about: when you become our client, your data is safe with us. That's the kind of message that really catches the eye!


If you think you know your office copiers, think again. These humble devices make copies, sure, but they can do a whole lot more--especially for your marketing team. From speed and efficiency to security and customer confidence, office copiers can help you win new customers, better serve existing ones, and get your whole community to notice the great work your company does. It's as simple as switching on your office copiers!

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