Can Your Copiers Do These 5 Tricks?

Business woman smiling while holding stack of papers in front of copier machine

Today's copiers are smarter than ever. They're fast, flexible, versatile, and, of course, full of the latest technology. However, believe it or not, your copiers might be even more powerful than you realized. Here's what you need to know!

Doing Magic with Copiers

"Copier magic" may sound like an overstatement, but wait until you see what certain office copiers can do. Here are a few of their best tricks:


Need to keep files in line? Your copiers might be able to help with that. Many models include built-in technology that allows them to staple documents for you.


Hole-punching may not be difficult or time-consuming, but it can certainly slow you down if you're on a roll. Instead, let your copiers do the work.

Application integration

Need to send copies directly to your email, upload them to the cloud, or utilize any of your organization's other efficiency applications? Not to worry--most copiers can be integrated with all these tools and more.

Booklet creation

Booklets are an efficient and impressive way to convey information, but creating them by hand can quickly get, well, out of hand. Copiers handle all the folding and scoring to make clean, professional booklets for any need.

Automatic envelope creation

When sending mail, do you often wish addressing envelopes was as easy as typing an email address? With many copiers, it can be. These machines will automatically create envelopes with different names and addresses, making snail mail a little bit faster.


It's clear that copier magic is a pretty big deal--but how do you know if your machine can do all these things? Research your make and model online, check out the user's manual, or take some time to explore settings and options. If you can't find them, the message is clear: It's time for a newer, smarter, more powerful copier.

Want to learn more tips and tricks for office copiers? Contact us today to see copier magic for yourself!

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