Do Your Copiers Need Professional Servicing? 3 Signs You Shouldn't Ignore

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Your multifunction copiers are central to your company's day-to-day office processes. If you've begun using them to capture and convert information into a document management system, your copiers are more critical than ever.

When It's Time to Call for Help

Because your copiers are critical to your operations, downtime is more than just an inconvenience. A routine paper jam may mean your paper wasn't inserted properly, or there's a build-up of fiber in the paper tray— you can handle those issues like these on your own. However, some common warning signs can shipwreck an otherwise productive day if they're ignored long enough. Here's how to tell when to call your copier service technician.

  1. Your copier told you to call. Your copier knows a few things, and one of them is when something serious is amiss with its operating systems. Never ignore a warning on the touchscreen display. Immediately calling your service technician could make the difference between a short downtime and a very, very long one.
  2. You've seeing issues with print quality. Black lines. Streaks. Shadowing. If something isn't right with your prints and you know the scanning glass is clean, don't try to correct the problem yourself. If your copiers are part of a lease or rental agreement, attempting a repair could void the agreement and leave your company financially responsible for the damages.
  3. Your copiers lack security features. Are your copiers outdated or are you unsure about how to use the built-in security capabilities? It's always best not to take information security for granted. Call your equipment provider to arrange for a managed print assessment or equipment upgrade to make sure your copiers and printers aren't leaving your company vulnerable to hackers.

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