Does your SMB Need Managed Print Services?


If your company is thinking of starting managed print services, there are many benefits that you may not know of yet. Here are just a few of its many benefits to small and medium businesses.

Printer Security

These days, the security of your printer is as important as the security of the computers in your network. Hacking opportunities for criminals include hacking into the data streams sent to and from the printers. With managed print services, you can be assured that your network is safer. The initial assessment will let you know if any of the printers in your fleet are too old to have adequate security and should be removed from the fleet. You will also find out which machines have high-tech security and are ready to keep hackers out of the network.

Stocking Supplies

Getting to the printer and seeing that it is out of paper or ink is a common problem. Not only is it frustrating for employees, but it is also a drain on the employees' productivity. The continuous monitoring of your printer fleet that is a part of managed print allows for more than just giving you the raw numbers. It also indicated when fresh supplies are needed in order to keep each printer up and running and ready to be used. This lowers the amount of downtime that workers have, and it allows for supplies to be automatically ordered when it's time. There is no more forgetting to buy ink.

Going Green

An important part of manages print services is the introduction of accountability to employees. When the amount they print is being tallied and monitored, they tend to print fewer documents. They stop and think before printing and decide not to print if it isn't necessary. This plays well into your company's green initiatives. With less printing, there is less waste left behind and fewer resourced being used to replenish the supplies. A greener office is always a selling point to customers, and it makes employees happy as well. 

If you are interested in getting managed print going in your office, contact us today to learn more. We can help your company to keep its fleet stocked, have better security, and go greener with our managed print services. 

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