Healthcare Benefits of Managed Print Services


The volume of health data that is used by healthcare companies comes with a long list of compliance requirements and other regulations. The safer you can keep that data, the better your chance of staying compliant and not letting down your patients. It's also preferable to have the lowest overhead possible to make healthcare more affordable.

Protecting Data

Managed print services come with monitoring for all of the printers in your fleet. This allows for more oversight into who is printing documents and how much they are printing. With more accountability, there is a push among the staff to not print more than is really necessary. A lot of unnecessary printing makes health data more vulnerable to theft. Not having so many printouts lowers the chance that it will be stolen by a third party or even by an employee.

The Cost of Printing

With less printing being done in healthcare practices, there is less cost for printing. Studies have found that monitoring printing leads to less of it being done, and this reduces overall costs. With lower overhead, there is an opportunity to have healthcare prices that are highly competitive in the area. These days, the cost of healthcare is a bigger issue than ever, and lower prices can mean more patients walking in the door.

Better Collaboration

In the healthcare industry, time is vital. Patients may not have a lot of time to wait for collaborative messages to be passed. But with managed print, the printers in the fleet are optimized and maintained so that they are always ready for healthcare personnel. And with multifunction printers, it's easy to fax information, make copies, and more. Getting information into the right hands has never been faster or more efficient than with managed print services.

Everyone wants their place of business to be efficient, and there are few industries that need efficiency quite like healthcare. Managed print services are there to make your healthcare office far more efficient as well as to the lower overhead costs required to run it. To get started, contact us today and find out how our manage print services can help your practice.

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