How to Choose New Printers for Your Business

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Buying new printers for your office? You could pass the job on to a junior assistant with no expertise in imaging equipment, but there are plenty of reasons to give the matter some quality time before making your final decision.

Printers 101: Making the Right Choice

Hoping to save money, most people naturally gravitate toward printers with a low purchase price. Sticker price can be deceiving, however, as TCO (total cost of operation) can vary considerably between types and models. Here's a look at the differences.

Laser or Inkjet?

Inkjet printers, especially consumer-grade devices, are popular for their low price points and easy access. Nonetheless, for business use, laser printers are often preferable. Replacement cartridges for inkjet devices don't produce as many pages as toner cartridges used by laser printers. Laser printers are known for high-quality text documents as well as high speed and volume capabilities—another reason why they're the device of choice for business use. And the new color laser printers have made color printing more affordable for everyday business use.

Consider Usage and Budget

How will you use your printers? Multifunction printers offer copy, print, scan, and fax in one device. Laser printers are preferred for document-intensive organizations requiring high print speeds and high monthly duty cycles. Many organizations need a mix of both multifunction and laser printers for optimal productivity.

Check with your equipment provider for a good understanding of the device's capabilities and expected useful lifespan, and be sure to get a clear understanding of the total cost of operation. A Managed Print Services partnership is a budget-friendly way to acquire the latest multifunction and laser printers while also reducing your overall print volumes.

For help choosing multifunction or laser printers that meet your company's specific requirements, contact a knowledgeable team member at CopyNet today.

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