How Managed Print Saves Money (and More)


Let's face it: one of the most important benchmarks for any business solution is how much money it can save your business. Other things--like security, efficiency, and user-friendliness--are important, but they can be addressed with other solutions, while "saving money" doesn't really have a designated tool or cure-all. Well, what about a solution that can do it all? Here's how managed print saves money--and does a bit of everything else, too!

Mastering Your Budget

You might think that managed print is too localized to be the far-reaching solution it claims to be. After all, how can a tool for managing your print budget suddenly become a way to address security problems, inefficiencies, communication, and more? The truth is that your printers are like the beating heart of your business, which means that they need a little extra care to keep everything running--but a solution that begins in your printer fleet will quickly spread throughout your business. What's good for the heart is good for the whole body!

So, how does managed print turn budget solutions into company-wide benefits? Here are a few examples!

#1: Smarter fleets

If you have an inefficient or outdated printer fleet, you might as well throw money out the window. Managed print helps you choose the right machines for your unique needs (which saves money), and it helps budget for necessary upgrades (which saves money)--and, in turn, it boosts efficiency throughout your business.

#2: Better tools

Managed print helps you find the right tools for the job--whether that job is security, supply ordering, or communicating with multiple teams in multiple locations--and all at the right prices. This means that you'll have all the software, solutions, tips, and tricks you could possibly need without cutting corners or breaking the bank.

#3: Stronger workflows

Flawed workflows cost money. Extra steps, frustrating "solutions," and flawed processes can drag your printing down--and your whole company along with it. Managed print helps you save money by making better use of your employees' time, which, in turn, makes your whole business stronger.

Ready to save money and more with managed print? Contact us today to get started!

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