Improve Your School's Print Environment for Less with Managed Print

Upgrading print technology

Many school districts are under the impression that upgrading their print technology is a budgetary impossibility. As a result, school print infrastructures are often heavy with outdated equipment and short on solutions to meet their ongoing requirements.

Here's how managed print providers can give school districts what they need without going over budget.

Why An Optimized Print Environment is More Efficient

It's a well-known fact that inefficiency is expensive, yet school districts often suffer with insufficient printing equipment because of a belief that the alternative is true. With professional managed print services guidance, school districts can turn bloated printer fleets into lean, razor-focused print environments that meet their needs much better while saving money. Here's how.

An Accurate Assessment

The first step toward managed print savings is an assessment of current spending and print-related processes. Managed print services experts identify areas where hidden spending and disorganization are eating into school budgets. Their solutions will address each of the targeted areas, creating a print environment that meets staff needs while keeping costs down.

Upgraded Equipment

Just like any equipment, an upgrade is often less expensive than continually repairing outdated print technology. Other benefits to upgrading your print technologies include:

  • Features targeted to work with your staff's specific needs.
  • Access to paperless document management.
  • Security features to protect stored information and school networks.
  • Professional finishing capabilities to reduce the need for print outsourcing.
  • Replacement of high-TCO equipment with energy-efficient, resource-saving alternatives.

One Source for Support

High printing costs are often the result of not knowing who to call for service and supplies. With a managed print services partnership, there's no guesswork involved—just one trusted source for all print-related supplies, routine maintenance, repairs, and tech support.

Is your school district suffering from a less-than-optimal print infrastructure? Contact Copynet to learn more about the benefits of Managed Print Services today!

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