Managed Print Services: 3 Steps to a Perfect Provider

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On the path to implementing managed print services, you'll find yourself taking a lot of steps. You'll research the solution, reflect on your needs, come up with lists of things you want to work on--but even when the finish line is in sight; you'll still have one big thing to do: choose a print partner. Here's a look at how to finish strong and take the final three steps toward implementing managed print with a perfect provider.

Choosing Your Managed Print Partner

Imagine your company is going out on a date. Before creating any lasting partnership, you want to make sure you're talking to the right person so your company doesn't get heartbroken (or its budget impacted).

The same is true for managed print services providers. Since this is going to be a long-term relationship, you want to be sure you choose the right partner. How do you do that?

It's as simple as one, two, three.

Step #1: Research.

To stick with the dating metaphor, this is the step where you research a potential partner's profile. You want to know if this company is reliable, capable, and exactly who they say they are--so pull out your digital magnifying glass and get to work.

Step #2: Talk.

Once you've chosen a potential managed print partner, it's time for a "first date." Come prepared with questions to ask--for example, how this provider handles security, what their processes look like, and what you should expect in your first few days using managed print services.

Step #3: Listen.

After voicing your questions, it's time for the most important step: listening. See if the provider mentions things like working with you to choose solutions or helping you budget for upgrades. If not, there's no need for a second date--this provider isn't your perfect print partner.


When embarking on the journey toward implementing managed print services, it's important to finish strong by choosing the right provider. Think of it like finding a partner for your company--coffee dates and all--and it will be easier to identify the values you're looking for.

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