Managed Print Services Benefits for Your School

teacher using a printer in hallway

From internal administrative documents to worksheets and letters home to parents, the printed page is an everyday part of school life. Unfortunately, print environments are often unmanaged, with under-the-radar purchases and high-volume printing a source of rising costs.

Assessing the Print Environment

School districts need a clear understanding of their current costs before attempting to lower them, and that's where managed print experts come into the picture. Managed print assessments take a hard look at print environments to provide school districts with detailed information about print activities and costs. Here's what your district may be facing.

  1. High print output —Print volumes that go unchecked are usually much higher than anyone realizes.
  2. Mismanaged printer fleets —Do you know the condition of your fleet? In many cases, printer fleets are bloated with redundant devices, equipment with very high operating costs, and outdated systems that could put sensitive information at risk.
  3. Print-related bottlenecks —Not every print-related expense is a direct purchase. Time wasted due to fleet bottlenecks and inefficiencies take needed funds away from educational goals.

Here's how Managed Print experts begin addressing your school's print-related challenges.

  1. Providing detailed reporting —As the partnership progresses, managed print companies provide ongoing, in-depth reporting and workflow solutions to keep print infrastructures on the right track.
  2. Managing supply inventories —One of your district's highest expenses comes in the form of printer ink and toner. Managed print providers manage these inventories, providing on-time deliveries and eliminating waste.
  3. Maintaining equipment —Managed print technicians keep tabs on your printers and copiers, responding to issues before they have a chance to impact educational directives.

Do you know how much your school district spends on printing and copying documents? Find out by contacting us to schedule a Managed Print Services assessment from CopyNet today!

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