Managed Print Services vs. The Other Guys

To really see the benefits of a solution, you sometimes need to put it head-to-head with its competitors. That's why we've created the print solution grudge-match of a lifetime: managed print services vs. retailers vs. print shops. Let's see who emerges victorious!

Managed Print Services in the Ring

Before you invest in a business solution of any kind, you probably want to make sure you've spent enough time researching other options. To help you do that, we're putting three print solutions in a face-to-face battle. Will managed print services come out on top? Let's find out!


Retailers are a good way to get your hands on equipment--but not much else. They provide service for their products, but only during a warranty period, and they don't help you decide which machines are right for your needs. They also leave all the responsibility squarely on your shoulders--so you'll have to get used to maintaining and troubleshooting your machine.

Print shops

When you think about outsourcing print jobs, these guys come to mind: print shops. They give you the freedom to print without owning any equipment--but when you do the math, you'll come to find that the cost per print is actually way higher. You're also responsible for everything without having complete creative control (for example, if their printers don't have the settings you need, you're out of luck).

Managed print services

Managed print services is truly a unique competitor. It combines the best of its challengers--the high-quality equipment of a retailer and the convenience of a print shop--without any of their respective weaknesses. Here are a few things you won't get anywhere else:

  • fast service,
  • 24/7 troubleshooting,
  • needs assessments,
  • security support,
  • limited work for your IT staff,
  • budgeted printer upgrades,
  • fleet management options,
  • regular performance audits,
  • and more.


And the winner is--managed print services!

Although the other guys may put up a good fight, managed print services is your best bet when it comes to your print environment. You'll save money, choose efficient solutions, streamline your fleet, and more--all with help and advice that's just a call away.

Want to see for yourself why managed print services comes out on top every time? Contact us today!

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