Managed Print Services: Why Perform Print Audits?


For most companies, the word "audit" doesn't have particularly positive connotations. That's why a print audit is often met with hesitation, uncertainty, or downright reluctance. However, a print audit isn't your average audit--and here's why.

The Beginning of Managed Print Services

Here's a more positive spin on print audits: They're like the "once upon a time" at the beginning of your managed print services story. They kick off the entire adventure, set you up for success, and help you know what to expect going forward.

This is all possible because a print audit is a team effort. You and your managed print services provider tour your print environment, looking at things like:

  • printer settings,
  • printer makes and models,
  • physical organization of your fleet,
  • usage habits,
  • supply storage,
  • supply orders,
  • machine settings,
  • network connections,
  • and more.

Once this information is collected, the fun can begin.

Why Audits Are Necessary in Managed Print Services

A print audit benefits managed print services overall because it acts as a road map for every change, solution, and tool. Here are a few examples of how print audits help your business:

  • They show you what you're doing right.

The last thing you want to do is reinvent the wheel. Print audits help you see your strengths, so you know what not to change--and, in fact, what to emulate--as you choose managed print services solutions.

  • They provide transparency.

Need to know what's going on in your print environment? A print audit is your new best friend. As the first step in managed print services solutions, it gives you a better understanding of the steps or procedures that are slowing you down--and how to fix them.

  • They make sense out of print budgets.

Print budgets are infamously difficult to pin down. They involve all kinds of costs, from consumables and maintenance to supply storage and downtime--but after a print audit, you'll know exactly where every dollar is going and why. That way, you'll be able to spend more effectively and save more efficiently.

In conclusion, a print audit is the beginning of managed print services, and for a good reason. It gives you all the information and insights necessary to reach your print environment's "happily ever after."

Want to learn more about print audits? Ready to try one for yourself? Contact us today to get started with managed print services!

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