Managed Print Solutions for Your Healthcare Facility

heathcare worker holding documents

Healthcare is widely known as a document-intensive industry, with each patient contact generating a cycle of new records to update, file, and print. While scanning and digital document management can reduce some of the healthcare sector's printing requirements, hard copy documentation still plays a role in the process.

Forward-thinking healthcare companies recognize that untracked printing costs could profoundly impact their revenues, and many are looking to managed print services to address the issue.

Managed Print Benefits

Managed print is a proven process for optimizing print environments and lowering costs. Some organizations save as much as 30%, with document-intensive industries saving even more. Here's how optimizing your healthcare organization's print infrastructure with a managed print partnership can bring about new efficiencies and savings.

Lower printing costs — Under-the-radar spending and a lack of accountability can work against your carefully planned budget, sending printing costs spiraling out of control. Administrators often don't realize that printing costs can consume as much as 3% of annual budgets.

Managed print companies help healthcare facilities pin down their total cost-per-page. From there, they offer solutions to track and lower print volumes, reduce waste, and take over supply chains. Solutions like print duplexing, restrictions on color printing, and fleet right-sizing all work together to deliver new savings and efficiencies.

Improved productivity — Your healthcare employees probably didn't take a course in equipment maintenance, but when they're faced with printer and copier downtime, they may be forced to give it their best shot. Managed print companies monitor your equipment, providing remote and on-site resolutions to any issues that arise. The advantages for your facility include less downtime and employees who aren't forced to do double-duty as copier repair technicians.

Is your healthcare facility wasting time and money on an inefficient print environment? Contact us at Copynet for a Managed Print Services assessment today!

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