The No-Nonsense Way to Choose Copiers


Copiers are an invaluable tool in any office, but choosing them is a different story. If you're sick of slogging through online reviews and trying to compare machines feature-by-feature, here's a new option: the no-nonsense way to choose copiers for your business.

Real Talk

It can be difficult to get honest, reliable advice on office copiers because so much of that advice comes from people trying to "steal" your business from the competition. Suffice it to say that they usually don't have your best interests at heart. Remember that this process is all about what's best for you, which means that all of your questions, research, and choices should be framed in that way.

Here are a few no-nonsense steps you can take to make sure you end up with the perfect copier and not a massive headache!

  • Step #1: Be honest with the cost.

It's easy to base everything off of a copier's price tag, but that's just not the whole picture. Remember to consider other costs, like consumables, energy, and maintenance, as well as the money you'll save not having to outsource copy jobs. It's a little more homework, but it makes a big difference.

  • Step #2: Prioritize comfort.

Let's be honest: if you hate the way a copier works now, you'll really hate it in a few years. Make sure to pay attention to things like user-friendliness, connectivity, and other little details--because while those fancy features might be attractive, the day-to-day is much more important.

  • Step #3: Understand security.

Copiers need to fit flawlessly into your existing security protocols, and it's even better if they come with some built-in security measures of their own. If for some reason a machine seems problematic in terms of security, you're better off finding something else.

Looking to choose copiers without all the drama? We're here to help. Contact us today!

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