The No-Stress Way to Choose Copiers


Are you trying to choose copiers for your business? Do you keep finding yourself knee-deep in reviews, Internet searches, scribbled notes, and plain old frustration? The truth is that choosing copiers can be stressful--but it doesn't have to be. Here are a few no-stress steps to help you out!

Taking a Breath

Let's face it: choosing office copiers is only stressful because it's so important. Not only are copiers a significant investment--they're also crucial for communication, efficiency, and even less obvious things like employee morale (since no one likes fighting with an unreliable copier). So how do you make this big decision without tearing your hair out?

Simple: slow down, take a deep breath, and put one foot in front of the other. Let's take a look at which steps to take (and in which order)!

Step One: Ignore the hype.

Brand names tend to come with a level of "hype" that can sway your opinion. That doesn't mean the hype is wrong, of course--but what's most important right now is to set aside the brand names and focus on your concrete needs and goals. That way, you end up with what you need, rather than what any one company tells you that you need.

Step Two: Understand your budget.

Your copier budget doesn't just include the price on the tag. It also needs to consider other things--like paper, ink or toner, energy, repairs, maintenance, and more.

Step Three: Do a little digging.

Now it's time to pull out your notes again--and maybe a metaphorical magnifying glass. Scour the Internet for reviews, feedback, blog posts, and anything you can find telling the honest truth about different makes and copiers' models. There's nothing like word of mouth (or the word of a keyboard) to help you feel your options.

Ready to choose office copiers without the stress? We're here to help. Contact us today!

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