Protect Your Data When Upgrading Your Copiers


You depend on your copiers to conduct business, and for many companies, copier downtime is not an option. Deciding what to do with your old equipment is one of the first steps.

When It's Time for an Upgrade

When your copiers have seen better days, and you're ready for an upgrade, you have a few options for disposing of the old equipment.

  • Recycling. Calling a recycling center and disposing of it responsibly is the right thing to do if you own the copier and don't have another option. Copiers have components that don't break down well in the environment, and sending them to a landfill is never a good idea.
  • Donating. If your copiers are still in good working order, a local charity may appreciate the donation. To avoid giving them a problem device, make sure it's been serviced and remember to pass on toner, drums, and any other supplies or parts you have on hand.
  • Contact your equipment provider. If your copiers were part of a lease agreement, your equipment provider could handle the entire process. They'll take your outdated equipment off your hands and help you find replacements with the latest advances in imaging and document management technology.

One More Thing

Any device with a memory should be treated with the same caution as a computer—safeguard it during use and disposal. That advice includes your copiers and printers. The digital engineering that allows your networked imaging equipment to help you manage your documents, track print volumes and share information also presents some security concerns.

Before taking any steps to recycle, donate, or upgrade your copiers, make sure you've either removed the hard drive or the saved data. Always work with a reputable equipment provider who can provide these security assurances.

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