Are Your Copiers Providing an Open Door for Hackers?

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Your business is continuously bombarded with security threats. Attacks on your network and data never let up, and if your copiers are connected wirelessly, you've got one more thing to worry about.

Managed Print Solutions for Your Healthcare Facility

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Healthcare is widely known as a document-intensive industry, with each patient contact generating a cycle of new records to update, file, and print. While scanning and digital document management can reduce some of the healthcare sector's printing requirements, hard copy documentation still plays a role in the process.

Forward-thinking healthcare companies recognize that untracked printing costs could profoundly impact their revenues, and many are looking to managed print services to address the issue.

3 Ways to Avoid an MFP-Related Security Breach

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Your multifunction printers connect you to internal document management systems, on-site and remote employees, and business contacts outside of your organization. Here's how to mitigate your company's risk of an unexpected MFP-related data breach.

5 Reasons to Add Laser Printers to Your Print Environment

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You need reliable and economical equipment to meet your company's document printing requirements. A multifunction copier or printer provides one-stop copy, print, scan, and fax solutions and is a solid choice for increasing workplace productivity. For many offices, laser printers are a perfect complement to the multifunction printer, offering a variety of features designed to speed up and streamline the entire printing process.

Simple Copier Solutions to Lower Your Security Risks

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Did you know that it's every bit as critical to secure your peripheral devices as it is to secure your computers and mobile devices? When companies fail to protect their copiers and printers, hackers can exploit those vulnerabilities to enter document management systems, steal information from hard drives, and slip quietly into company networks.

3 Ways Managed Print Companies Deliver Big Savings

Managed Print Services

Did you know you could be losing thousands of dollars due to a lack of visibility into your print environment? Managed print services companies remedy the situation with targeted solutions that correct areas of overspending, waste, and inefficiency.

Here's how the savings and benefits add up to help your organization reduce spending.

3 Reasons to Explore the Benefits of Multifunction Printers

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For many of us, it's hard to imagine a typical work day before multifunction printers. Multifunction printers consolidate an astonishing variety of features and capabilities into one, space-saving piece of equipment, making them indispensable to the modern office.

MFP Benefits

Here's why it's worth a visit to your technology advisor to explore the latest advances in multifunction printers. You won't be disappointed!

Should Your Office Upgrade to a Color Laser Printer?

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When choosing new multifunction copiers and laser printers, business leaders often agonize over whether they should lease or purchase a color-capable device. There's no question that most organizations want the ability to print in color—there are decided advantages—the real issue at hand is cost.

Protect Your Data When Upgrading Your Copiers


You depend on your copiers to conduct business, and for many companies, copier downtime is not an option. Deciding what to do with your old equipment is one of the first steps.

When It's Time for an Upgrade

When your copiers have seen better days, and you're ready for an upgrade, you have a few options for disposing of the old equipment.

Improve Your School's Print Environment for Less with Managed Print

Upgrading print technology

Many school districts are under the impression that upgrading their print technology is a budgetary impossibility. As a result, school print infrastructures are often heavy with outdated equipment and short on solutions to meet their ongoing requirements.

Here's how managed print providers can give school districts what they need without going over budget.

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