Is is Time to Upgrade Your Printers and Copiers?


How long has it been since you upgraded your company's laser printers and copiers? It's easy to take a "leave well enough alone" approach, but as we'll demonstrate in this blog post, your devices may not be working as well as they seem.

Time for an Upgrade?

Don't wait until a fed-up employee threatens to toss your office copier from a third story window. Check out these warning signs that it's time for an upgrade.

In-House Copying and Printing is a Smart Business Move

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Why help a copy shop acquire the latest imaging technologies when you can invest in your own equipment and reap the benefits? Check out three reasons why in-house printing and copying capabilities are a smart business move.

1. You call the shots.

Working around the limited hours offered by your local copy shop isn't always the best option for your business. In-house copying and printing capabilities let you call the shots. Produce your critical documents on your time instead of waiting in line behind someone else's.

Avoid These Mistakes When Acquiring a New Copier

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Is it time to purchase, lease, or rent a new copier for your business? Avoid these three common mistakes buyers make when making acquiring a new multifunction system or printer.

1. Limiting yourself to monochrome only.

Color capabilities may cost a little more initially, but sticking with black-and-white can put severe limits on your in-house printing options. Ask yourself these questions to determine if you should consider color:

How to Choose the Right Copier for Your Requirements

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Today's multifunction copier is a far cry from the single-function devices of the past. As a tool for superior document output and simplified workflows, a multifunction copier is the premier choice. Here's how to find the right device for your needs.

3 Tips for Protecting Data Stored on Printers and Copiers

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Your printers and copiers are capable of a lot more than producing documents. Many of today's offices use their imaging equipment for critical digital business processes. It's these very capabilities that, without the proper procedures in place, can turn your printers and copiers into security liabilities.

Why Insourced Printing is Good for Your Business

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If your Dallas, Texas, company has always relied on outsourced printing and copying, you may not be familiar with the advantages provided by insourcing. Let's start by taking a look at the potential downsides of outsourced printing.

The Problem With Outsourcing

Even if you've been mostly satisfied with the results from outsourced printing, there's still a lot to consider. As with most outsourced services, cost is the first consideration.

Try Mobile Printing to Boost Productivity

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It's impossible not to notice how mobile technology has changed the way we do almost everything. Think about how many ways you used a mobile device just in the last week. Did you: Purchase goods from an online retailer? Book airline or hotel reservations? Connect with a friend thousands of miles away? Arrange for professional services from a local firm? Pay a bill? Donate to a nonprofit organization? Look up a recipe? Get directions?

3 Reasons Why Leasing Your Next Copier is a Great Idea


It seems like you just bought your way-too-expensive cell phone, but already the neighbor kid's smartphone makes yours look like a museum oddity. We can't do much about your phone, but there is a solution to make sure you stay up on the latest copier technologies. The neighbor kid may not be impressed, but you sure will be.

Adding New Copiers and Printers? Here's Where to Begin the Search

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Before the year 2000 or so, printers and copiers were often single-function devices that produced documents or provided duplicates of existing ones. Technology has made some incredible advances since then. Choosing printers and copiers for your organization is slightly more complicated than it used to be, but that's a good thing- it means you're gaining access to some valuable features to improve productivity across your organization.

5 Best Practices to Get More From Your Copier

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Are you planning to add a new copier to your Dallas office? Do you own a copier that you'd like to hang onto for a few more years? Whatever your situation, our tips for basic care can make a big difference.

1. Make sure it's the right copier for your requirements

The best copier is still the wrong copier if it doesn't meet your organization's needs. Meet with your Dallas equipment and copier service provider for an assessment of your print volumes and your need for specialized features like color printing, folding, hole-punching, and more.

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