Is Your Print Environment Leaking Cash?

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If you're trying to reduce operational costs (and who isn't?), you may be taking a hard look at major expenses. But while you're busy trying to find a cheaper office space, a long list of smaller expenses could be having a significant impact on your bottom line.

Stop the Leaks

The constant drip, drip, drip of small expenses may be having more of an effect on your revenues than you realize. For many businesses, the print environment is the source of many of these costs, and expenditures as high as 3% of annual revenues are relatively common.

5 Questions to Ask When Leasing a Copier

copier leasing rates

Leasing or renting a copier is a great way for companies of all sizes to acquire the latest in imaging technologies. When doing your research, it's important to find out what warranties and other guarantees accompany your copier leasing rates. Read on for some key questions to ask when beginning your search.

Five Questions to Ask

Not sure where to start? A reputable vendor will have ready answers for all of these five questions.

Replace Your Single Function Printers and Copiers with an MFP

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Does your company own a fleet of single-function printers and copiers? Have you also acquired a fax machine and scanner, or perhaps even more than one of each? The maintenance, supplies, energy usage and lease agreements for that fleet could be the source of your recent uptick in operating costs.

Consolidate to Save

Consolidating your single-use printers and copiers into one multifunction system could be one of the smartest moves your company makes this year. Here's how the savings add up:

For Expert Copier Service, Try Managed Print!

managed print services

For many companies, the print infrastructure is unmanaged and largely unaudited. Ad hoc purchases fly under the radar, and business owners don't have the necessary resources to address the issue. From consumables to copier service, the expenses and hassles are more than most companies want to deal with.

How Will You Acquire Your Copier? Purchase, Lease, or Rent?

copier rental prices

Your business has some good options when you're ready to bring another copier online. You could opt to purchase or lease your next device, but another choice you may not have considered is renting. For many companies, flexible copier rental prices are the deciding factor.

Before you decide how to acquire your next printer or multifunction system—purchase, lease, or rent—consider the following factors.

Your Next Copier—Should You Lease or Buy?

copier leasing rates

Many companies have come to look at a multifunction copier as an office must-have, and they're right on track. Acquiring a new multifunction copier means you'll have access to a host of capabilities to improve productivity and reduce costs across your organization.

Consider these outstanding benefits:

Have You Considered In-House Printing?

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In-house printing capabilities can deliver some real advantages to your organization. With the ability to produce customer-facing materials on your company's laser printers and copiers, you call the shots when it comes to everything from timing to color quality.

Where to Start When Searching for a Multifunction System

Multifunction Printers

When your Dallas, Texas, office begins researching multifunction devices, you may be overwhelmed at first. Choices abound, but how do you narrow them down to the perfect device for your needs?

5 Reasons to Rent Your Next Copier

copier rental prices

If your organization needs to acquire additional copiers, you'll want to research all available options. Generally speaking, the methods for obtaining new devices include purchasing, leasing, or renting, with leasing leading the way as the most popular choice.

Renting is also a frequent choice made by many organizations and for good reason. Read on to find out why affordable copier rental prices make renting an attractive option.

Do Your Copier Leasing Rates Include Security?

Copier Security

If you're thinking about acquiring a new multifunction copier for your organization, you've probably got a long list of items to check out. From page-per-minute capabilities and professional finishing features to the best copier leasing rates, it's important to cover all your bases.

Another critical issue is data security. Read on to find out why it's so important.

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