Should Your Office Upgrade to a Color Laser Printer?

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When choosing new multifunction copiers and laser printers, business leaders often agonize over whether they should lease or purchase a color-capable device. There's no question that most organizations want the ability to print in color—there are decided advantages—the real issue at hand is cost.

Can You Afford Not to Choose Color?

There's a common conception that in-house color printing is a frivolous financial move that could send printing costs through the roof. That may have been somewhat true fifteen years ago, but today's laser printers aren't the same as yesterday's desktop inkjet devices.

Here are a few points to consider when deciding between color and black and white printing capabilities.

  • Lower cost-per-page. That consumer-grade color inkjet printer sitting innocently in the corner of your copy room eats cash for lunch. Someone thought it was a good quick fix when one of your laser printers was out of service, but it gobbles up ink at a cost-per-page that's much higher than laser printing. Replacing your desktop inkjet printers with business-class laser printers is a smart financial move.
  • Fewer trips to the copy shop. Almost every business occasionally requires color printing, and many rely on a local copy center to do the job. Often this means ordering more color prints than they need to avoid a repeat trip or to take advantage of quantity discounts. With convenient access to in-house color laser printers, you can save both time and money.
  • You can control usage. Solutions to keep color printing under control include print tracking software, a company printing policy, and a Managed Print Services agreement. The latter provides superior, proactive maintenance and a variety of solutions to improve productivity and keep costs down.

Should you choose color or black and white laser printers? You have more options than you think! Contact us at Copynet to learn more today!

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