Simple Copier Solutions to Lower Your Security Risks

secure printer with card

Did you know that it's every bit as critical to secure your peripheral devices as it is to secure your computers and mobile devices? When companies fail to protect their copiers and printers, hackers can exploit those vulnerabilities to enter document management systems, steal information from hard drives, and slip quietly into company networks.

Protect Your Information

While you should never take security lightly, the available solutions are often very simple to implement. The latest commercial-grade copiers and laser printers include standard features designed to close security gaps, and your technology provider can help you with the rest.

Here's a look at some essential security solutions you can begin using as soon as today.

PIN codes — Can anyone can walk up to your copiers and access the functions? Requiring a PIN code, password, or smart ID card to access your equipment is an easy and effective first line of defense.

Role-based permissions — You can't allow just anyone to access information that's stored on your device hard drives, and that includes your copiers. Learn how to control access to stored data with permissions based on company and departmental needs.

Encryption — Despite your efforts, an employee error or other situation could allow an unauthorized user to access stored data or intercept information on its way to and from your copiers. Encryption provides an added layer of security to protect your information.

End-of-lease procedures — A professional technology provider can ensure the removal of any data stored on copier and printer hard drives before they leave your location.

Secure printing — You can require your employees to enter a password to release documents to print trays. By requiring your employees to be physically present at your copiers, you can eliminate the security issues caused by abandoned documents.

With a little effort on your part, small changes can shore up your security outlook in no time. Contact Copynet to learn more today!

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