Take Charge of Printing Costs with Managed Print


Managed print is excellent for all kinds of things--boosting efficiency, improving security, streamlining workflows--but did you know it's also an excellent way to take charge of your printing costs? Let's take a closer look to find out how it works!

The Managed Print Difference

To see how managed print services gets the job done when it comes to saving money, let's take a look at two example companies--one with managed print, and one without.

Company A: Managed print

Company A did their research, chose an excellent managed print provider, and got started implementing solutions. Thanks to a print audit, they were able to see exactly where their money was going--which machines were printing what, how often they were going through consumables, what type of ink was being used for every kind of job, and more.

With all this information in hand, Company A has learned where to make changes and improve their habits--for example, using double-sided printing--to cut down on printing costs for good.

Company B: No managed print

Company B did some research too, but they decided managed print wasn't for them. They've been trying to make changes on their own. Sure, they've seen some progress--but the problem is that they still don't have the transparency necessary to understand exactly what their print environment is costing them. They don't consider extra charges--like repairs, maintenance, consumables, and bad habits, so they don't realize how much money is going out the window.

The difference, of course, is managed print. By helping you analyze your print environment inside and out, managed print shows you where your money is going and helps you choose solutions that will control costs without limiting efficiency. It's a powerful solution--but only if you decide to be Company A instead of Company B!

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