Tips for Getting the Most Value from Your Copiers

copier in use

Today's copiers require service from industry-trained and certified technicians, but there are steps you can take in-house to prolong their useful lifespans. Here's how to keep your company's copiers in the best possible working order.

Keep Them Clean

Paper dust build-up can accumulate, causing paper jams and affecting print quality. Regularly wiping down the bypass trays can help. It's also helpful to occasionally clean the scanning glass. Liquid or abrasive cleaners are not recommended, so be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions to avoid damaging your equipment.

Plan for Regular Service Calls

Proactive maintenance is the best way to get the most value from your copiers. Most lease agreements include regular maintenance appointments, and proactive maintenance will also be a routine part of a managed print services program. Make sure to follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule to avoid serious issues.

Use the Recommended Supplies and Parts

Your equipment provider is your best resource for OEM supplies and parts. They'll have the correct toner and supplies for your specific copiers and printers and at a fair price. Shopping around may land you an occasional good deal, but you increase your risk of receiving inferior products or falling victim to a printer toner pirate. By using only manufacturer-recommended products, you'll avoid damaging your copiers or potentially voiding your warranty.

Consider a Managed Print Services Partnership

A managed print services agreement is often the best way to keep your copiers in good condition. MPS companies provide proactive maintenance, fast copier service response times, warranty repair service, and flexible service programs to work within your budget.

When your copiers are damaged or not performing as well as they could, your team can't do their jobs. For help optimizing your printers and copiers, contact us at Copynet today!

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