What Do Law Firms Need From Multifunction Printers?


Multifunction printers have a lot to offer to any industry, but that's especially true when it comes to law firms. Here are a few important MFP features that will make all the difference in the legal industry!

Choosing Wisely

Law firms have unique needs that must be met consistently, effectively, and reliably on all fronts--especially when it comes to print jobs. If the printer is slacking off, then whole teams, cases, and even companies can start to suffer. Luckily, multifunction printers can come equipped with everything you need--you just need to know what to look for!

Here are a few features you'll want to consider in your law firm's next MFP:

  • Color

It can be helpful to have color capabilities within arm's reach, especially if your law firm is growing and you aren't sure what your future needs might look like. Take a moment to consider color before marking it off your list, because it can actually be cost-effective in certain situations.

  • Print size

Legal information doesn't always fit in that 8.5x11" box. If you ever need to print in larger sizes, you'll want your multifunction printer to be up to the task.

  • Software

Some multifunction printers come equipped with software that helps you track prints, communicate with other devices and software, and generally boost efficiency. This can be a huge help when it comes to juggling multiple tasks across teams or locations.

  • Speed and volume

Serious situations in the legal industry are especially serious, which means your firm needs a printer that can keep up. Make sure to choose MFPs that can meet your speed and volume needs so that you aren't left waiting when every minute counts.

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