What You Need to Know About Wide Format Printers

Woman using wide format printer

Have you been eyeing the latest wide format printer, daydreaming about all the amazing projects you could create with that kind of power and functionality? Well, to help you turn those daydreams into reality, here are a few things you need to know about wide format printers!

Printing with Style

The good news about wide format printers is that they're user-friendly, which means you don't have to take a year-long course to get them up and running. However, there are a few crucial things to brush up on before you get started--so let's jump in!

#1: What is wide-format printing?

Wide-format printing is just what it sounds like: printing that is larger (or in different shapes) than the traditional printer offers. If it's beyond the limits of an 8.5x11" rectangle of paper, chances are its wide-format printing.

#2: What are the benefits?

When you add a wide format printer to your fleet, you'll have the benefit of power right at your fingertips. You won't have to outsource bigger jobs, and you'll be in control of every little detail--plus, it's cheaper and easier to do wide format prints in-house. On top of that, wide format printers also open up all kinds of new doors for your marketing and communication departments, allowing you to do things your traditional printers can only dream of.

#3: What can you do with a wide format printer?

A better question might be what can't you do with a wide format printer--because the truth is that these machines are designed to be versatile, creative, and just about limitless. From banners to vehicle wraps to marketing material to internal communications, wide format printers can create all kinds of things on all kinds of materials (that's right--you're not limited to just paper!).

Want to learn more about wide format printers? Ready to add one to your fleet? Contact us today!

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