What You Want in Wide Format Printers


If you're ready to add a wide format printer to your office fleet, you probably have a lot of questions about choosing that perfect model. Today we're here to tell you exactly what to look for in wide format printers so that you end up with everything you need!

First Steps

Choosing to add wide format printers to your fleet is the first step on a promising print journey could open up all kinds of doors. Wide format printers put creative power at your fingertips; from marketing to internal communication and beyond, you'll be able to do a little bit of everything.

Before all of that, though, you need to take the second step: choosing your ideal machine. Here's a little advice to get you started!

#1: Know what you want to print.

If you're looking for a wide format printer, you've probably got some big ideas in mind. Make a note of exactly what you want to print--photographs, vehicle wraps, brochures, you name it--and use that to inform the entire buying process.

#2: Make the easy decisions first.

Do you want to print in color, or will black and white suffice? Is it better to have an all-in-one device that can print, copy, and more, or do you prefer a standalone machine? Make the easier decisions first, and then the more complicated questions will feel a little less confusing.

#3: Consider connectivity.

A perfect machine will play nice with other devices in your office. It will also connect well with your network and have simple, reliable software you can use to your advantage.

#4: Don't forget the budget.

Remember that wide format printers come with all the costs of consumables, energy, repairs and maintenance, and more--so factor that into your budget when running the numbers.

Want to learn more about wide format printers? Ready to add one to your fleet? Contact us today to get started!

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