Why Upgrade Multifunction Printers?

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When you choose a multifunction printer, the last thing on your mind is an eventual upgrade. After all, you've just added a cool new tool to your fleet--isn't it supposed to benefit your company for years to come? The truth is that even the best multifunction printers will need to be upgraded--and here's why.

Understanding Multifunction Printer Markets

Although multifunction printers are designed to last for years and work hard every minute of that time, they're not invincible--nor are they immune to the relentless forward motion of innovation. Even the fanciest, the most high-tech machine will eventually become outdated, simply because manufacturers learn more every day about what consumers want and need (and how to deliver it effectively).

To put it plainly, your multifunction printer will probably last for years--but that doesn't mean it will be your perfect match for all of that time.

However, that doesn't mean you need to replace your device as soon as a newer model is released. Instead, keep an eye on the market--and on your existing device--and start planning for an upgrade when you see new functions or features your company needs or when your old machine starts to seem slow.

Why Upgrade?

Now that you know how the market works let's look at the good news: why an upgrade can make a big difference for your business.

Newer machines are faster.

A slow multifunction printer is a big red flag--and also a sign that it's time to consider an upgrade. Newer machines are sleek and quick, and they can often handle higher-speed, higher-volume print jobs.

Efficiency solutions are built-in.

Want to stop wasting ink and paper? Newer multifunction printers have efficiency solutions built right into the device--so, for example, they use less ink to make the same print.

You'll pay less in repairs and maintenance.

As printers age, they become more expensive to maintain. While a new multifunction printer may come with a price tag, you'll probably end up saving that much (or more) by avoiding all those hefty repairs.

In conclusion, multifunction printer upgrades are inevitable because technology advances every day. However, you don't have to upgrade every time a new model is released; just pay attention to your needs and your existing device--and, of course, have an exit strategy.

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