Wide Format Printers vs. Plotters


Wide-format printers are a valuable asset for companies of all shapes and sizes, but they weren't the first. Here's everything you need to know about wide format printers and their predecessors, wide format plotters!

Printers and Plotters

No matter what industry you're in, where you're located, or how big your company is, wide format printers have something to offer you. However, they weren't the first. Let's take a closer look at where wide format printers came from--wide-format plotters--and how it got them to where they are now!

What is a wide format plotter?

Wide-format plotters are still around, but they're not as common anymore. They were a game-changer in the 1970s when their unique design made them capable of offering precision and quality unrivaled by any printer. Plotters operate using hand-like mechanics that can be programmed to move in certain ways, creating perfect lines, curves, and corners.

What is a wide format printer?

Enter the new tech: wide format printers. These devices are more similar to desktop printers than plotters, but the difference is that unlike your desktop printer, they can print in all shapes and sizes; some can even print on different materials.

Why does it matter?

Here's the important part: wide format printers have all the precision and power of a plotter and all the user-friendliness and efficiency of a desktop printer. In many ways, they are the best of both worlds--which means you get all the best benefits without any of the limitations. Here are a few things you can expect from wide-format printers:

  • efficiency,

  • creative solutions,

  • faster and easier printing,

  • no more outsourcing costs,

  • and improved security.

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