Wide Format Printers: What You're Paying For


It's one thing to look at the price-tag on a wide format printer, and another thing entirely to understand exactly what you're paying for. Here's a crash-course in all the details and features that impact the pricing of wide-format printers--and how to get what you want without breaking the bank!

The Latest and Greatest

Technology is always advancing, and wide format printers are no exception. However, the more functions and features you put on a machine, the higher the price--which means that, for many companies, choosing a wide format printer that combines all the right functionality with an affordable price can be a little overwhelming.

That's why it's helpful to know what you're paying for when you read those price-tags. Here are a few things that impact the price of wide-format printers:

  • ink vs. toner, as inkjet models are generally less expensive to purchase (but more expensive to operate!) than toner models;
  • print speed, since wide format printers have to work harder and have more power to quickly create those large printers;
  • features, like scanning, copying, multiple paper trays, and more, which will always drive the price up;
  • type, since flatbed (for printing on three-dimensional objects) is more expensive than roll-fed (for more traditional printing);
  • and size, as printers tend to cost more the larger they get.

The good news is that, once you break down that price-tag into its separate parts, you better understand what you're paying for--which, in turn, allows you to decide what you do and don't need. Wide-format printers are a great tool to have at your disposal, but they shouldn't break the bank!

Looking for a wide format printer with all the right features and an excellent price? You've come to the right place! Contact us today for help finding your perfect machine.

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