Your Multifunction Printer's Best Friend

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You may like to think of yourself or your company as your multifunction printer's best friend. After all, you take care of it, give it plenty to do, rely on it through good times and bad--and, of course, you fix any paper jams that might come up. However, the truth is that your multifunction printer is waiting for its perfect match--and that may not be what you expect.

Why a Multifunction Printer Needs Managed Print

Sure, your multifunction printer would probably rank you in its top ten friends if it was capable of doing so. But at the end of the day, you likely weren't designed to protect, optimize, and organize technology--and even if your brain is full of multifunction printer maintenance schedules and all the best printer settings, you still may not be an expert.

That's why every multifunction printer deserves managed print services: Managed print understands these machines in a way no one else can. It provides the support, cybersecurity protection, maintenance, supplies, and troubleshooting every printer craves--all without forcing you to read the user manual from front to back and become a printer expert.

Here are a few more reasons your multifunction printer deserves managed print:

  • #1: It works hard.

Your multifunction printer works day in and day out, keeping your company running. That kind of effort can quickly get exhausting--and with managed print services, every printer in your fleet can rely on regular maintenance and speedy repairs whenever necessary. It's like 24/7 access to a spa day for printers.

  • #2: It wants to perform well.

Although it may not always seem this way, your printer wants to create high-quality, streak-free prints. Managed print services helps your multifunction printer do its best work by helping you optimize settings, place the printer in the best physical location, and eliminate workflow issues.

  • #3: It's afraid of digital bad guys.

A multifunction printer is the perfect victim for a hacker. To protect your machine, let managed print services provide constant monitoring, and a whole host of print security solutions--and your MFP will thank you.


A multifunction printer goes with managed print services like ink goes with paper. They were made to work together--and after all, doesn't your hardworking MFP deserve a little TLC?

Want to learn more about your multifunction printer and how best to take care of it? Looking for help from managed print services? Contact us today!

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