What to Avoid and Look For in a Copier Lease Agreement

Copier Leasing Rates

Leasing a copier can be an affordable and simple way to get the equipment you need for your office, especially as your business grows. But leasing may seem even more confusing than buying can be, given that you need to understand the terms of your lease and service agreement. Here's a simplified breakdown of what you should keep in mind when leasing a copier.

Questions You Should Ask Before Buying a Copier

Copier Rental Prices

With the incredible variety and options available, searching for a new copier can be overwhelming. If you're tasked with finding your office's next copier, here are a few pointers to make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

Ask these questions before purchasing your next copier.

How to Lower Your Printing Costs

Dog on a Cell Phone

You're doing your monthly company financial reporting, and you suddenly see a few disturbing numbers. We spent how much on printing this month?!

You do some investigating and find that there are a few reasons your company's printing costs have skyrocketed this month. Janice is decorating the break room with full-color images of puppies, and Donald is creating a gallery wall in the entry of infographics. The conference this month required hundreds of brochures and information packets, and that run to the printing supply store added up fast.

Dear Copycat: Will a Shared MFP Ruin Office Security?

Printers and Copiers

Dear Copynet,

Hi, I'm Dave. I have this great little desktop printer in my office. Kinda love it. Sure it smudges my prints sometimes, but it's chugged through some big jobs. Now my boss wants to replace everyone's printers with an MFP IN THE HALLWAY. Gah. No privacy, right? How will I be able to be sure Nosy Neil down the hall doesn't read my sensitive documents at our shared printer?


- Dave in Dallas

Step-by-Step: How to Fix Printer Streaks

Printers and Copiers

Blank stare. You printed a document, not zebra print. And yet, there are lines covering your paper. What's up with streaks?

Streaks are a bummer, but they're a common problem when you're printing. The bad news: you'll have to do a little work to fix it. The good news: we can help.

How to Get Rid of Pesky Streaks on Your Documents

Inkjet printers occasionally cause this problem when the printhead becomes too dirty. Here's the step-by-step guide to getting you back on track.

Quick Fixes for Your Printer’s Paper Jam

Refurbished Office Equipment

We've all been there: ready to take a baseball bat to our printer out of frustration. Before you do that, though, maybe we can help. If you're dealing with a paper jam, there are a few specific ways you can fix and prevent this problem from happening again.

Step-by-Step: How to Fix a Printer Jam

Before you start, remember that you should avoid pulling paper out from the front of the cover if at all possible. Instead, try to pull paper from the back of your printer to avoid damaging your machine.

Can AEC Firms Save Money with Wide Format Printers?

Wide Format Printers Dallas

Many companies don't print in color for one simple reason: it's too expensive. That's the case for any architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms according to a 2009 European study. For wide format printing, especially when it's hired out to a printing service, the cost of color can be almost quadruple the cost of black-and-white.

How a Multifunction Printer Makes Your Business Smarter

smart multifunction printers

A multifunction printer isn't just a piece of office equipment. Today's multifunction printers (MFPs) are "smart," and they combine the simple functionality of imaging machines with the intuitiveness of modern technology. In this way, MFPs are beginning to go beyond enhancing efficiency and becoming an integral part of a company's workflow.

Tips for Buying Reconditioned Office Equipment

refurbished office equipment

Have you considered buying refurbished or reconditioned office equipment? There are several main advantages to buying reconditioned office equipment that appeal to businesses. Of course, cost savings comes to mind immediately. But pre-owned office equipment isn't only more affordable than buying new. It's also a great way to go green and stay competitive.

When Renting is a Better Option Than Buying

Copier Leasing Rates

Is your business in a temporary office space? Is your company growing by the minute, and needs some flexibility? Are you in transition on a job site for construction, or working out of town? These reasons and more are why more business professionals than ever are choosing to rent office equipment.

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