When Renting is a Better Option Than Buying

Copier Leasing Rates

Is your business in a temporary office space? Is your company growing by the minute, and needs some flexibility? Are you in transition on a job site for construction, or working out of town? These reasons and more are why more business professionals than ever are choosing to rent office equipment.

Why Choose Managed Print Services?

HP printer drivers, managed print services

Have you ever tried to control your print-related costs? Most companies have tried at some point, and many have probably experienced frustration when costs remain high. Even the most attentive budget hawks find it difficult to account for all printing costs since these expenses are often hidden in departmental budgets.

What's the answer to this familiar conundrum? Managed print services can significantly lower your overall costs of scanning, printing, filing, and maintaining documents around your office. Read on to learn how.

Renting vs. Buying Your Next Copier

Copier Rentals and Leasing

Have you been tasked with finding a new copier for your office? If so, you may be overwhelmed with the options on the market. Although we don't want to complicate your decision further, there is another option out there that could simplify your process. Instead of committing to a large purchase, consider renting your next copier or printer.

Here’s How to Keep Your Print Marketing Strong

Print Collateral

Marketing is a dog-eat-dog world these days, with increased pressure to appeal to a diverse audience and advertise on multiple platforms. Print marketing is especially cramped given smaller budgets and strategies focused primarily on digital marketing.

Tight budgets, impossible timelines, highly-targeted messages, high-quality production, creative and fresh messaging: does any of this sound familiar? Have a stress-induced headache yet? Here's the good news: you can deliver on all of this with the right tools.

Industry Spotlight: How Photographers Use Large Format Printers

Large Format Printers Dallas

Many different kinds of companies can enjoy the benefits of large format printers, but perhaps none more so than photographers. There's an incredible pleasure that comes with seeing your own work in a physical, two-dimensional format.

But the decision to purchase a large format printer comes with some logistical complications. Make sure that you're thinking through all of these logistics before pulling the trigger.

Bigger Prints, Bigger Results

Photographers choose large format for many reasons. Here are just a few of them.

What to Know About Ink Cartridges

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Buying ink cartridges isn't always as straightforward as you might think. Before you purchase replacement ink cartridges, get to know a bit about your printer and how cartridges are sold.

Ink or Toner? Black or Color?

In case you don't already know, make sure to understand the type of printer you have. If you own an inkjet printer, you'll be looking for an ink cartridge. Laser printers use toner. Ink and printer toner cartridges are not interchangeable.

Benefits of Refurbished Office Equipment

refurbished office equipment

Purchasing new office equipment can be frustrating. The prices can be high, and there is always something else we'd rather be spending money on. There is another option besides buying a brand-new piece of equipment, one that offers several benefits you might not know about it. That option is refurbished office equipment.

Buying refurbished from a reliable source doesn't have to be scary. Here are some reasons why you should consider a refurbished unit.

Get the Most out of Your Printer

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Sometimes business trends don't last long, or don't make much sense for long. Business owners don't want to jump on bandwagons just because it's currently "trendy" or because everyone else is doing it. But Managed Print Services is not that kind of trend. Managed Print Services just makes sense for today's business, and is a growing trend that isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Finding the Right Multifunction Printer

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Multitasking is a key word in many businesses today. It just makes sense that your office equipment would also be able to multitask. That's why multifunction printers (MFPs) are so useful for any office. But choosing a multifunction printer is a bigger task than deciding which functions (print, scan, fax, copy) you want it to do. Here are some other things to consider as you shop for your next MFP.

Choosing a Multifunction Printer for Your Small Business


Having a multifunction printer in the office introduces a workhorse that can perform multiple functions, often at the same time. These are powerful office machines that can save your workers a lot of time on clerical tasks. If you are in the market for a multifunction printer, here's what you may need to consider while picking out the perfect one.

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