Managed Print Solutions to Save on Paper


The use of paper in the office is something that likely can't be eliminated completely. However, there are many ways to lower the amount your office uses to both save money and help the environment. Here are a few ways to cut down on everyday paper usage.

Choosing the Best Large Format Printers for an Architecture Firm


Among the various professional occupations, few have more uses for a large format printer than do architects. It is important to make sure these printers are working well because the documents that come out of them are going to guide construction workers and engineers during the building process. Therefore, a lot of thought needs to go into how an architecture firm chooses the right printer for the needs. There are a few factors they need to consider.

What You Need to Know About Your Copier's Hard Drive


While it was once true that only computers had hard drives, today's copiers and printers also have them. The hard drives in printers and copiers are beneficial for making copying faster and allowing for more tasks to be done with the machine. However, there are several things to know about how the hard drive works and how to keep it safe.

A Multifunction Printer for Everyone in the Office


The range of features that multifunction printers each have is to make different models appropriate for various office needs. To maximize the utility of multifunction printer's, keep these ideas in mind.

Stress-Free Sustainability With Managed Print Services


The drive for more sustainability in business is one that both customers and employees are looking at more closely right now. The problem is often that companies struggle to see where they can make changes toward sustainability. Implementing managed print services is one way to make one aspect of your business more stainable without any stress.

Large Format Printers are Definitely Worth the Investment


Even though many people have heard that the world is starting to move towards a paperless society, printing is just as big as ever. Numerous research studies have indicated that printing still attracts customers in the form of direct mailing, branded print materials, and more. Smart marketing strategies are going to take a well-rounded approach to reach potential customers, including printed materials.

How to Choose Between a Copier and Multifunction Device


A copier and a multifunction device do many of the same things in the office. However, the multifunction device can also do much more. If you want increased productivity and efficiency in your office, a multifunction device may be the best choice for your office. But for some companies, the copier may be the smarter choice.

Common MFP Problems (And the Solutions!)


The multifunction printer is invaluable in the office for a wide variety of tasks. When it's down, productivity in the office goes down. Here's how to spot common issues and solve them to keep these machines up and running.

Make "Sustainable" the Norm with Managed Print


Today, it isn't just the customers who are demanding more sustainable practices from businesses. It's also the employees who work for those companies. 

Considerations When Investing in a Large Format Printer

large format printer

Your company has several standard-sized printers throughout the office. Imagine how much your business can thrive with wide format printers throughout the workplace. A KIP large format printer is not like the average print station that only produces flyers and other documents on legal-sized paper. You can use these industrial-type printers to print everything from company signs to photo images that can serve as the primary logo for your business. 

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