3 Bad Copier Habits (and How to Break Them)


How much do you pay attention to your copier habits? The truth is that the things you do every day might be making life difficult for your loyal copiers--which means trouble somewhere down the line. Here are a few lousy copier habits and how to turn them around!


Is It Time to Replace Your Multifunction Printer?


Multifunction printers are fast, powerful, hardworking, and reliable--but they don't last forever. Here are a few signs that it's time to upgrade your MFP!

What Does it Cost to Forgo Managed Print?


When it comes to business solutions, there's always a lot of talk about what things cost. However, it can be just as beneficial to take a step back and ask what it would cost not to have the solution--like, for example, managed print. Let's see what impact an uncontrolled print environment could have on your budget!

Good News and Bad News

Let's start with the bad news first: without managed print your business could be losing money in ways you don't even notice.

Before You Buy Wide Format Printers


Are you planning to add a wide format printer to your fleet? Here are just a few things you need to know before you make the final purchase!

Power and Promise

Wide format printers make a lot of promises. They boast of being fast, reliable, and functional--plus they offer all kinds of features that you can't get with a traditional printer. The great news is that they have the power to keep all of these promises and more, offering everything your company needs in one impressive machine.

The No-Stress Way to Choose Copiers


Are you trying to choose copiers for your business? Do you keep finding yourself knee-deep in reviews, Internet searches, scribbled notes, and plain old frustration? The truth is that choosing copiers can be stressful--but it doesn't have to be. Here are a few no-stress steps to help you out!


How to Protect Multifunction Printers from Paper Jams


If you're struggling with paper jams, don't be too quick to point the finger at your hardworking multifunction printer. Instead, here are a few tips to help keep you and your machine safe from this frustrating obstacle!

Beat Printing Pains with Managed Print!


If you feel like your print environment is full of problems, look no further for the perfect solution--managed print is here to save the day. Let's see what managed print brings to the table!

Problems and Solutions

Sometimes, the best way to tell what something like managed print can do is see it in action. Here are a few printing problems you might have encountered, and the managed print solutions that can send them packing!

What You Want in Wide Format Printers


If you're ready to add a wide format printer to your office fleet, you probably have a lot of questions about choosing that perfect model. Today we're here to tell you exactly what to look for in wide format printers so that you end up with everything you need!

Should You Buy or Lease Your Next Copier?


When it comes to copiers, you have a lot of decisions to make--like which make and model is better for your needs or whether you want color capabilities. Once all that is said and done, though, you'll still have one more choice: will you buy your copiers, or lease them?


Do Multifunction Printers Have Downsides?


You've probably spent plenty of time hearing about all the great things a multifunction printer can do by now. You've likely heard so much good that you're left wondering if these machines have any downsides at all. Here's a quick, honest look at what you can expect from a multifunction printer.

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