Why Your Business Still Needs a Printer

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The many ways that digital documents can be used may make some people wonder whether their offices still need printers. However, having printers opens up a world of possibilities that no company should close. Having printers in the office saves money, saves time and makes a wide range of marketing possible.

Benefits of Large Format Printers

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The use of printers in the office is always needed, but there are specific benefits that come from using large format printers. Here are just a few ways that these printers can help your employees and your business as a whole.

Copier Supplies Organization

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Having a good amount of copier paper ready to be used is a smart idea, but it can cause problems when it is not stored appropriately. To prevent the paper from becoming damaged during storage, there are a few conditions to watch out for.

Why Your Office Needs More than a Copier

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The use of a copier is well-established in virtually every business, but many companies have stuck to having just a copier in the office instead of having multifunction machines that can handle a host of functions.

Ways a Multifunction Printer Will Boost Business


If you're relying on an old-school printer or simply on a copier, you aren't getting the most that you could from your office machines. With a multifunction printer in the office, you can get much more from this machine than just one or two functions.

Limiting Your Environmental Impact in the Office with Laser Printers

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If you've been trying to make your office a more green-friendly environment, you may have already taken steps like encouraging employees to limit how many documents they print and uploading forms to the cloud so users can view them from anywhere without needing to print a copy. But there is more you can do to help save the planet, including choosing a laser printer for your office.

Should You Buy a Copier or MFP?

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The choice between a copier and a multifunction printer (MFP) can be a complicated one. The choice often comes down to the functions that your office needs and the amount of space that your office has for its business machines.

In-House Versus Outsourced Printer Maintenance

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The use of laser printers in the office is something that virtually all employees take part in. The printers take care of many functions for employees, and they have to be up and running at all times so that employees can benefit from them. One way to avoid any downtime with printers is to get managed print services to ensure that the needed maintenance will happen as it needs to.

Print Needs to Consider When Purchasing New Office Equipment

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Today's printers do more than they ever have before, and offices can benefit from getting printers that do many different tasks. This saves an office an enormous amount on expenses like binding and collating. With multifunction printers, you can even get models that take on the jobs you used to need other office machines to do.

The Evolution of Laser Printers


Office once had only the typewriter to type out papers. But with today's laser printers, the process of printing out hard copies is far easier, and it's certainly much quieter than a bank of typewriters being used.

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