4 Signs it's Time to Replace Your Copiers


Copiers are steadfast, hardworking companions--but they don't last forever. Here are a few signs that it's time for your copiers to hand the baton to newer, faster, stronger machines!


Growing Pains? Let Office Copiers Help!


If your company has growing pains, your first stop for a solution might not be the office copier. However, the truth is that copiers can help make growing pains a thing of the past--if you know a few simple tricks, that is!


The No-Stress Way to Choose Copiers


Are you trying to choose copiers for your business? Do you keep finding yourself knee-deep in reviews, Internet searches, scribbled notes, and plain old frustration? The truth is that choosing copiers can be stressful--but it doesn't have to be. Here are a few no-stress steps to help you out!


Should You Buy or Lease Your Next Copier?


When it comes to copiers, you have a lot of decisions to make--like which make and model is better for your needs or whether you want color capabilities. Once all that is said and done, though, you'll still have one more choice: will you buy your copiers, or lease them?


What You Need to Know About Your Copier's Hard Drive


While it was once true that only computers had hard drives, today's copiers and printers also have them. The hard drives in printers and copiers are beneficial for making copying faster and allowing for more tasks to be done with the machine. However, there are several things to know about how the hard drive works and how to keep it safe.

Document Security Risks to Look Out For

document security

The data your company collects is only as secure as the documents that contain it. When you have a lot of documents to take care of, you need to know the security risks that exist for them. Both printers and copiers need effective security to manage the risks associated with them.

Do Your Copiers Need Professional Servicing? 3 Signs You Shouldn't Ignore

technician fixing copier

Your multifunction copiers are central to your company's day-to-day office processes. If you've begun using them to capture and convert information into a document management system, your copiers are more critical than ever.

Why a Local Provider is Your Best Source for New Copiers


Is it time for new copiers for your organization? Here's a look at why a local, single-source provider is a smart move for your business.

Can You Print to Your Copier from Your Phone?

Copier that is mobile device friendly

According to Smart Insights, over 80% of Internet users are using their smartphones for surfing the web. In fact, year over year, mobile device usage is growing by nearly 60% and tablet usage is driving much of that growth.


Safeguard Your Information with Smarter Copiers

security, lock icon

How smart are your company's copiers? If they're not preventing document security failures, chances are good you need to update to a more intelligent system. While it doesn't often make the headlines, security breaches brought on by simple mistakes and old copiers happen to small businesses all the time.

What You Need to Do Now

The problem of print security isn't all that difficult to correct, but that doesn't mean it isn't important. Here's how to begin protecting your company's sensitive information.

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