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How to Choose New Printers for Your Business

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Buying new printers for your office? You could pass the job on to a junior assistant with no expertise in imaging equipment, but there are plenty of reasons to give the matter some quality time before making your final decision.

Printers 101: Making the Right Choice

Hoping to save money, most people naturally gravitate toward printers with a low purchase price. Sticker price can be deceiving, however, as TCO (total cost of operation) can vary considerably between types and models. Here's a look at the differences.

Avoid These Costly Mistakes When Choosing a Printer

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Choosing a printer for your company's office may seem like a straightforward task—head to a local big box office supply store and pick something that fits the budget. You can plug your equipment in an hour later and move on with your day. Unfortunately, the decision to select a printer this way is usually not a good one, and it won't take long to discover why.

3 Ways to Lower Your Color Printing Costs

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Are your printing costs steadily rising each month? The reasons may vary, but unnecessary color printing on desktop inkjet printers may be the source of your rising costs. Check out our tips for getting your printing costs back in line.

Invest in Success With New Printers and Copiers

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Your old printers and copiers still work, but is hanging onto them the best decision for your bottom line? If you're wondering whether you've been throwing good money after bad, read on to find out how industry-leading printers and copiers can make a huge difference for your organization.

Are Your Printers and Copiers a Security Risk?

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You have many responsibilities as a business leader, and data security is among your highest priorities. Protecting your data and your network now also includes securing your printers and copiers. Here's a list of preemptive steps you can take to make sure your equipment won't be the source of a major security breach.

Home Office v. Business Printers and Copiers


With low print volumes and a small staff, a home office printer may seem like a good choice for your small business. Unfortunately, most SMBs usually end up regretting their decision to bring equipment meant for home use into their office. Read on to find out why.

The Downside of Home Office Printers

Here are three reasons why a home office printer is a potential headache.

Is is Time to Upgrade Your Printers and Copiers?


How long has it been since you upgraded your company's laser printers and copiers? It's easy to take a "leave well enough alone" approach, but as we'll demonstrate in this blog post, your devices may not be working as well as they seem.

Time for an Upgrade?

Don't wait until a fed-up employee threatens to toss your office copier from a third story window. Check out these warning signs that it's time for an upgrade.

In-House Copying and Printing is a Smart Business Move

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Why help a copy shop acquire the latest imaging technologies when you can invest in your own equipment and reap the benefits? Check out three reasons why in-house printing and copying capabilities are a smart business move.

1. You call the shots.

Working around the limited hours offered by your local copy shop isn't always the best option for your business. In-house copying and printing capabilities let you call the shots. Produce your critical documents on your time instead of waiting in line behind someone else's.

Rising Costs? Maybe It's Your Printer!

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If you were to begin listing ways to cut operating costs, you probably wouldn't start with your office printer. The fact is, your printer and the costs associated with it could be consuming as much as 6% of your annual revenues. That figure should give you some pause.

Going Up?

A rise in printing costs can be attributed to several factors—most of which have to do with a lack of proactive management and visibility. Here's what may be at the bottom of your Dallas, Texas, company's increasingly high print-related costs.

Your Printers Are a Hacker's Next Target

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High profile security leaks have us all on edge. While your small business may seem like an unlikely target, the truth is you're the guardian of a lot of sensitive information.

Why You're a Target

Do you employ anyone? If so, you are in possession of that employee's social security number, address, and enough other information to make any identity thief's day.

How about sensitive client information? If you accept credit cards, you can guarantee you're in the sights of any number of hackers.

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