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5 Reasons to Add Laser Printers to Your Print Environment

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You need reliable and economical equipment to meet your company's document printing requirements. A multifunction copier or printer provides one-stop copy, print, scan, and fax solutions and is a solid choice for increasing workplace productivity. For many offices, laser printers are a perfect complement to the multifunction printer, offering a variety of features designed to speed up and streamline the entire printing process.

Should Your Office Upgrade to a Color Laser Printer?

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When choosing new multifunction copiers and laser printers, business leaders often agonize over whether they should lease or purchase a color-capable device. There's no question that most organizations want the ability to print in color—there are decided advantages—the real issue at hand is cost.

Home Office v. Business Printers and Copiers


With low print volumes and a small staff, a home office printer may seem like a good choice for your small business. Unfortunately, most SMBs usually end up regretting their decision to bring equipment meant for home use into their office. Read on to find out why.

The Downside of Home Office Printers

Here are three reasons why a home office printer is a potential headache.

3 Tips for Protecting Data Stored on Printers and Copiers

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Your printers and copiers are capable of a lot more than producing documents. Many of today's offices use their imaging equipment for critical digital business processes. It's these very capabilities that, without the proper procedures in place, can turn your printers and copiers into security liabilities.

Try Mobile Printing to Boost Productivity

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It's impossible not to notice how mobile technology has changed the way we do almost everything. Think about how many ways you used a mobile device just in the last week. Did you: Purchase goods from an online retailer? Book airline or hotel reservations? Connect with a friend thousands of miles away? Arrange for professional services from a local firm? Pay a bill? Donate to a nonprofit organization? Look up a recipe? Get directions?

Three Can't-Miss Benefits of Mobile Printing

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Has your organization addressed the issue of mobile printing? With the growing number of BYOD employees and remote workers, the demand for convenient and secure mobile printing solutions is on the rise.

Why You Should Care

On-the-go printing technologies use cloud-based platforms to allow users access to laser printers and copiers from a mobile device. With the rise of increasingly user-friendly and secure mobile print solutions, acquiring the technology is simple.

Rising Costs? Maybe It's Your Printer!

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If you were to begin listing ways to cut operating costs, you probably wouldn't start with your office printer. The fact is, your printer and the costs associated with it could be consuming as much as 6% of your annual revenues. That figure should give you some pause.

Going Up?

A rise in printing costs can be attributed to several factors—most of which have to do with a lack of proactive management and visibility. Here's what may be at the bottom of your Dallas, Texas, company's increasingly high print-related costs.

Have You Considered In-House Printing?

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In-house printing capabilities can deliver some real advantages to your organization. With the ability to produce customer-facing materials on your company's laser printers and copiers, you call the shots when it comes to everything from timing to color quality.

5 Crucial Requirements for High-Demand Printing Needs

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High-demand printing needs require printers and copiers designed to handle the job. It's crucial to choose equipment that can stand up to high volume requirements without compromising speed and quality.

Leasing: A Better Way to Afford New Equipment

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Your accounting firm requires access to the latest office equipment to stay competitive and keep up with demand. And without high-quality business-grade printers and copiers, your busiest times of the year will be even more stressful.

Read on to discover how affordable copier leasing rates can help your account firm take advantage of the latest in high-tech imaging equipment, and when leasing is a smart business move.

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