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Are Your Copiers Providing an Open Door for Hackers?

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Your business is continuously bombarded with security threats. Attacks on your network and data never let up, and if your copiers are connected wirelessly, you've got one more thing to worry about.

Managed Print Solutions for Your Healthcare Facility

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Healthcare is widely known as a document-intensive industry, with each patient contact generating a cycle of new records to update, file, and print. While scanning and digital document management can reduce some of the healthcare sector's printing requirements, hard copy documentation still plays a role in the process.

Forward-thinking healthcare companies recognize that untracked printing costs could profoundly impact their revenues, and many are looking to managed print services to address the issue.

3 Ways Managed Print Companies Deliver Big Savings

Managed Print Services

Did you know you could be losing thousands of dollars due to a lack of visibility into your print environment? Managed print services companies remedy the situation with targeted solutions that correct areas of overspending, waste, and inefficiency.

Here's how the savings and benefits add up to help your organization reduce spending.

5 Positive Outcomes from a Managed Print Partnership

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Even for companies with established digital processes, printing is still a part of daily workflows. Digitization has the potential to decrease print volumes, but unmanaged print environments can negate initiatives to keep printing in check. Managed Print Services provides businesses with a way to lower print volumes, get more value from their printer fleet, and improve office productivity.

Here's how a Managed Print Services partnership could have a positive impact on your business.

Managed Print—Your Best Bet for Savings

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There's never just one way to save money, but when it comes to your printer fleet, a reputable Managed Print Services company is your best bet for fair pricing, OEM printer toner and supplies, and reliable copier service.

Managed Print Services Benefits for Your School

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From internal administrative documents to worksheets and letters home to parents, the printed page is an everyday part of school life. Unfortunately, print environments are often unmanaged, with under-the-radar purchases and high-volume printing a source of rising costs.

Revenue Growth and Managed Print Services

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For years, managed print has been an amazing way to help curtail the expense of managing print devices (and copiers, too) on your network. Managed Print Services (MPS) provide cost-saving benefits in terms of maintenance and supplies. In addition to those benefits for operational costs, companies also realize savings in other ways… even in opportunities to grow their revenue.

Managed Print Services—There's More to Gain Than Savings

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You may have heard that a Managed Print Services partnership can save your company as much as 30% on the total cost to print documents. That's true, and the numbers for your organization may be even more if your print volumes are high.

There's More to Gain

While the benefit of saving 30% is compelling, Managed Print Services offers businesses much more than lowered costs. Take a look at these benefits:

The Managed Print Services Advantage


Managing a fleet of printers seems like a simple process, but doing the job correctly requires a comprehensive approach to your entire print infrastructure. That includes not just devices, but supplies, workflows, proactive maintenance, document output, energy consumption, and supporting the people who use your equipment.

Go Green and Save Money with Managed Print Services

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What would it mean to your company if you began adopting sustainable business practices? If you've always thought sustainability was unattainable and too expensive for your small business, here's a short look at a few green office practices and how they could benefit both your business and future generations.

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